About Us

What is Chip?

Most health and weight-loss programs provide tools and facilitate habit change to achieve desired health outcomes.  But the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) goes beyond diet plans, exercise charts, habits and behavior changes to give you the knowledge and motivation to make long-lasting lifestyle changes by addressing the causes of chronic disease.

This world-class program is conducted in hospitals, corporations, and churches throughout North America and beyond.  Thousands have been helped.  You can be one of them because CHIP is now available in your community!

Your CHIP program includes:

  • Two clinical lifestyle evaluations that include “before and after” blood tests: (full lipid profile and fasting glucose level,) blood pressure, and weight measurements
  • 12 intensive group education sessions followed by 6 ClubCHIP bonus classes
  • Food samples of healthy recipes
  • Eat More Cookbook
  • Learn More Textbook
  • Live More Workbook
  • Walk More 3 D Sensor Pedometer
  • Drink More Water Bottle
  • Regular ClubCHIP support meetings

CHIP is facilitated by a trained health professional.  Along with a core team of former CHIP graduates and volunteers, they will encourage and guide you as you progress through the program.

“Dr. Diehl has brought a very powerful message…
how to use diet and exercise to turn around and
prevent many of our Western killer diseases.”

– William P. Castelli, MD
Framingham Heart Study
National Institutes of Health